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At present, our club has 52 members ( all unpaid) from 11 countries around the world. This club has been created 21 years ago in France and , at present, have members in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Japan, Argentina, Polen, United Kingsdom , Portugal United States of America , Canada and Switzerland.
Some collectors are very experts on spurs, stirrups, bits or saddles.
The main Horse Museums in Europe also are members of our association.

We publish a revue « La Lettre » ( + /- 120 pages) four times a year with articles about spurs, bits, stirrups,saddles… with many colored pages.
The majority of the articles ( with many illustrations if possible) are in french, but if a foreign member send us an article in his own language ( english, german, spanish, polish, italian…), it is published in his own language with a french translation. Every two reviews, we have à file-case ( +/- 60 pages) affected to a theme ,for instance in « La Lettre N° 85 – april 2008 « concerning the spurs, bits, saddles during the Antiquity, and precedently , two reviews ago,about the side saddle. The review N° 93 – april 2010 concerned the harness of all horses guardians in the world. « La Lettre » N° 101 for instance, concerne the XIXth and XXth centuries

As I said, everybody is an unpaid member and every member has to regularly contribute to our revue by personal articles, reporting of a visit to an interesting museum, questions about pieces of his own collection or answer to a question of an other member, chapter of a book in his language ,…..( +/- 2 articles a year).
The revue is exclusively reserved to our members and all members have to pay the amount of 90.00 Euros a year ( european members), covering printing and shipping of october – january- april and july « of our review : « La Lettre ».

Every year, we have an annual meeting , including a visit to a very interesting member’s collection and museum’s collection, mainly what is in storage. This year 2010 (8-9th october) we visited a horse museum in Beaucaire ( South of France) created from the big collection of a member of our club and in 2011, the great collection of a german member



 Members of the CIDE :

Germany-Austria-Belgium-Canada-United States-Spain-France-Britain-Italy-Japan-Poland-Switzerland

 CIDE member museums :

Horse Museum Saumur France,  Departamental Dobree Museum Dobrée-Nantes-France,  Museum of Art and History Brussels - Belgium
Horse Museum Beaucaire France,
 Musée Vivant du Cheval Chantilly - France,  Hermes Collections - Paris - France




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